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Back to Spanish...

This week we are back from Roatan (we are helping start a Celebrate Recovery on the island) and now we are back to Spanish classes every day!!! On the island of Roatan, lots of people speak both English and Spanish, but they prefer speaking in English. This makes for a lot of time not practicing Spanish last week, but I spoke it with as many people there that would let me. Let me tell you... one week not practicing Spanish every day has an impact. I am starting to get back in the groove of things with speaking it often again (I even have “Spanish only time“ in our house to practice more 😁). We finished our third month of Spanish and now we are going into our fourth month. Wow 😳 time flies. We are blessed to be able to get this year to focus on learning the language, but are also blessed by lots of interest all over Honduras to start Celebrate Recovery!!! We have the one in Roatan in the works and 3 others in different locations on the main land interested in starting now too. None of these were on our radar, but we know they’re part of God’s plan. We are blessed to be part of what God is doing here in Honduras!! Thanks for being part of the team (prayer, financial, etc). Without you, this wouldn’t be possible... we are a team working towards the same goal, reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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