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Back Home

Hey guys long time no talk! I can’t wait to catch you up on my adventures in the states and retuning back home to Roatan. Here it is down below.

Let’s start in our trip to the States, I am going to share in this section two main or in other words M-A-J-O-R events. Wow how good it is to visit the United States of America, because I haven’t even touched or looked at it in person in 2 years. 2 Years can you believe it? Okay, let’s not chase a rabbit trail. In the States my favorite part was catching up with my family and brother and sisters in Christ. It was so good being able to hug and enjoy life together. The saddest but happiest time was seeing my Big bro go off to College to start a new life without us. I just want to cry just typing it out. To look on the positive side I get to spend me time with my parents.

We are landing in Roatan in 5,4,3,2,1, Home sweet home! I love being back to Roatan and being honest I was home-sick but good thing is we’re back. The couple days back home I started playing baseball on Wednesday night with a group of Island kids. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to maybe have long lasting friendships. Down below you can get the chance to see my experience in picture form.

Here’s some photos of my baseball experience!

Before I wrap up I want to share with y’all a highlight of this last week. I have a new friend, Banito, that I enjoy playing soccer, Uno, and talking to about random stuff with. Although we have known each-other for a couple weeks, it feels like I knew him for all my life. I am so very blessed to have him as a friend.

Here’s a photo of us…

One last thing is I finished another high school credit (have 10 credits out of 24 completed so far) and now I'm working on Earth Science, AWANA book #2 and Spanish 3 in Homeschool High School.


*back home

*making friends

Prayer Requests

*control my emotions

*be more like Jesus

Thank y'all for reading my blog. Catch you later...aligator. After a while...crocodile.

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