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Hey y'all, it's Messiah. This weekend has been absolutely awesome. We went to a conference of missionaries for four days, and did a lot of stuff. The teachers that we had were also absolutely awesome, and I'm glad they came to teach us all the way from the United States. They had games for us to play, we worshipped, and we had fun. One of the best parts of the conference was meeting new friends that live here in the country of Honduras. I met a lot of friends, and we had so much fun hanging out, learning, and playing together. In the conference, we learned about choices, and who we are as youth in Jesus Christ. They told us how we are going to have to live with the consequences of our choices, and we are going to have to answer to God for them.

We had a field trip on the conference, and it was epic! We went for an extreme hike for about forty minutes. There were some people that barely made it because it was either to slippery, or steep. We had a fun time on our "Honduran hike."

The best part of the conference was the worship. Saturday night, we had a bonfire with smores, and I was privileged to lead the youth in worship with my guitar. We sang Great Are You Lord, You Say, Lord I Need You, Good Good Father, Reckless Love, and more. The teachers loved it, and asked me if I wanted to help with the worship the next day, and I gladly accepted because I love worshipping the Lord. I loved the conference and I am grateful, and happy for the experience that I had. I will never forget this missionary conference that I had here in Honduras.

Spanish is going very well, and I'm so happy that I'm learning it. My teacher, Carlos, is trying to help me to get done with book two fast, and move on to book three. In book three, I get to learn how to use past tense verbs and speak in that tense. If y'all could pray for me that I get through book two, pass the test, and learn the Spanish language.

Okay guys, thats all I have for y'all this week. I will talk to y'all next week and tell y'all more about our adventures in Honduras :-)

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