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August - God's grace

What's up guys! This month looking back has been fun and a little crazy.


Welcome home Messiah! This month was awesome seeing my brother and talking about how his first year went in college. It is kinda weird seeing how much he changed in character and form. In a group of people, I don't think I would recognize him. I had fun whooping his butt in chess and he did too. Although he won more, I still count myself as the champion...whatever you do don't tell my brother. It was so fun and I can't wait until he comes again. What cracked me up most of all was his goal trying to get waves in his hair. He brushed and brushed...and brushed again. Overall it was really fun having him home.


My job (earning scholarship money for college at CCU...they pay me for memorizing books of the Bible) is going good so far. Part of this month I reviewed James, Philippians, 2 John and Jude. My mom listed to me recite them and I passed. The other half of the month I memorized Jonah and pray for me because I just started memorizing the book of Genesis. Pray I can memorize the book of Genesis efficiently.


I have made wonderful friends thanks to God! One friend in particular, is Jay. He is a really cool person to hang out with. One day, we hung out like 3-4 hours and what did we play? Yep, soccer and it was great. Time flew so fast and we had so much fun he didn't want to leave. I am glad I made a good friend.


My dad is so amazing y'all. He preached twice this month and what powerful sermons he preached. His love for God is powerful and I love that he is so humble. My dad preached on Jesus calming the storm. He explained it more in detail and really opened my eyes. Also, whatever you do...don't tell my mom, I'm his biggest fan (because she always she's his biggest fan). I love you pa.


Sometimes not every day of the month is good. I struggle with mental health and perfectionism. I got my mind so out of hand that instead of dealing with a problem, I ran away from the people who love me the most. In that time when I ran away from home was one of the darkest times of my life. I manipulated a drunk guy to buy me food by acting homeless. I was having fun for a little while, until I saw my dad looking for me. I panicked and ran so far away I didn't really know where I was. I didn't think there was hope so I tried to tie knots in my shoelaces and end things. Nightfall came and I found myself sleeping outside under a guard shack as I planned to get to the mainland of Honduras where I knew I couldn't be found. I slept with this plan for a few hours. All of the sudden, when I awoke I felt something in side of me that said go home (Holy Spirit). I used someones phone to call home and returned safely. Looking back I can see how many people love me. The whole island, friends and police, were looking for me. I returned home safely by the grace of God. Mental health struggles are real for me. I shared this to help others going through the same battle know that they're not alone. I hope my story helps even just 1 person find hope and healing in Jesus. By the grace of God, I have a doctor in the states the upped my medicine so that I can have a clearer mind. Just pray that God will renew my mind.

I was reminded of a poem I wrote a while ago about how God renews the mind.

Praise Report

-my brother came in safely

Prayer Requests

-to have a clean heart and mind

-for God to clear my mind

Thanks for reading my post. God bless you. Adios!

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