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April - You live and you learn

Hey guys, this month was great and full of experiences. I learned a lot of lessons in life.


Ok, first I thought English was going to be boring, but I think English is one of my all-time favorite subjects. This is truly a learning experience of not judging a book by its cover. What I mean, is I thought English was only punctuation and a whole lot of writing papers. I was totally wrong about English and I lived and I learned not to make assumptions. My favorite part of English class is being able to read some novels and short stories. So far I've read: The Life of Fredrick Douglass (great book), Romeo and Juliet, Life on the Mississippi River (funny short story), and I started the legendary book Pilgrims Progress. I am learning also how to enhance my vocabulary by learning some fancy new words. It has been super fun and I can't wait to learn more. English has been one of my favorite subjects in all my years of school.

Volunteer Teacher

I also learned something I will never forget. You're about to see how I learned from this experience. I had an experience this month that was doing my first internship. Uh oh! I had a bright idea one and I told my mom I might be interested in being a teachers aid. To see if I liked it I volunteered as an intern at a preschool for a few weeks every Thursday. I soon realized I did not want the job of getting kids to listen, but I only wanted to have fun with them. I learned a teacher is there to teach and not play. I almost put a child in a child in a bad situation when I was playing tag with a child 1/3 of my size. I lived and learned a teacher has a lot more work that I thought. I decided to dismiss myself from it all together and look at other future career options. God closed that door. I tried, and I realized it was not for me.


I got hired to be a dog sitter for one hour each day. One of our friends offered to hire me as their personal dog walker so their dogs can play outside because they were busy with a new born baby. What could go wrong with that? The problem was I had to dog sit a young dog who always ran off and didn't listen. This dog was a hot mess unlike her calm sister. This job lasted five loooooooong days. I quit for the safety of the dog because I got really angry at her for not listening. Long story short I found out after loosing the young dog over, and over, and over, and over, and over that dog walking/sitting was not my forte. It was an experience I will never forget.

Birthday Present

If you read my last blog, you know that I had a birthday last month. We did a lot things, but not all that was planned. We were about to go on a birthday kayak when we found out the kayaks were all taken. Also on the walk I hurt my foot by stepping on a piece of coral. This month we finally got to kayak to West Bay for my birthday and got me a Roatan shirt with a few other things as a Birthday present. I loved enjoying time with my parents on the kayak ride. We even got to bless the person we purchased it from whose name was Carlos, my parents buddy. See the picture below to see what I got...there are 3 items, can you see them?? (shirt, necklace and bracelet). I still have one more birthday activity to do and that is to go to the arcades with my good friend, the only problem is that he works a lot. So once he tells us his day off, we will go. I can't wait!!!


-got a Roatan shirt


-for God to direct my steps

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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