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Thank the Lord!!!! We have been praying because it is very expensive to get a vehicle here in Honduras, so we have been praying and praying and praying. God has truly showed off this time. I got a message from a really close friend that they are going to give a large donation to our ministry, and what is so cool about it is that they did not even know we were praying about getting a car here. With their donation and with what we have put aside we are getting close to being able to get a vehicle soon. If you want to be a part of this please check out our website to see the three ways you can give. (

PLEASE pray that the Lord leads us to the right one that will last us a long time.

On the other hand, language school has been going great. Learning all of the irregular verbs is very hard, but with lots of studying after school and memorizing we are coming along well with the language. Also, my presentation in español of a tribe in Honduras went well.

We just recently celebrated Independence Day here in Honduras, and it was a blast. We got to go to the center of town and watch a parade on Saturday and Sunday. Man, you talking about long parades, they were both about four hours long. Here are a few pics of what we got to see in the parade:

After the parade on Saturday we went back home and rested for a little while. Then we went to our crossfit gym and had a mini competition and a BBQ afterwards for their celebration of independence. We all about died in the workout, but we made it through. Please continue to pray for us for our fitness.

Thanks for being a part of the team in prayer and support. Keep following us because there is plenty more to come.

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