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An Exciting Week!!!

Last week we celebrated the Lord's resurrection and our family remembered all that he has done in our lives. Another way we celebrated holy week was by watching a play about the life of Christ. Let me tell you, it was amazing and parts were absulotly hilarious. Also, we had church services almost every day this week that related to this week.

candle light service because the power went out here...

Also, we stayed active, and played games. Last week our family also played a lot of chess , I believe we played an estimated amount of 20 or more games this week. As they say, practice makes progress. I think I am way better at chess and better at putting people in check mate. I am learning many new moves from my parents.This week my brother and I did an intense workout. Actually, it was yesterday when I think about it . Since we were on our 29th day of quarantine, we did 29 burpees, 29 dips, and 29 sit-ups for 30 minutes. From my personal point of view, it was hard and tiring.

The last few weeks we also have been knocking out subjects in school like health and history of 8th grade. THANK GOD I graduated 8th grade and now I am working on 9th grade.

The last few weeks were fun and I am excited for what the future holds. Bye and I'll see you next Tuesday.

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