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Amazing friends...servants of the LORD

I am amazed at God's ability to have a grand plan when we are walking step by step in obedience unsure of the next step. We sold everything in the states to serve God unsure of what the next step would look like. I feel like whatever we thought it was going to look like, God had something bigger and better...that's just who He is.

We recently moved to our next house in Honduras on this journey of faith and service for the glory of God and God has been so faithful along the way.

Our first house that we rented from the language school was fully furnished, good thing because we sold everything and only came with clothes and a few small other things. Not only did getting a fully furnished house help with our transition here, so did the support that we received from the language school, local missionaries and the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries. From banking, culture training, getting residency, cooking local foods, fellowship, buying a car, missionary care panel, wise counsel and so much more. They have been there each step of the way to make this transition easier and more peaceful. Each who have helped a long the way...THANK YOU!!

Now on to how we were able to schedule seeing our new house and working out a lease (our Spanish is good, but negotiating a lease is tough in a different language)....thanks to a sweet friend who is near and dear to our heart, Kathy (the wife of our pastor from our local Honduran church). She is completely bilingual and has helped more than I can write about here. She is a God send for sure! She has so many things she is doing (leads worship at the church, translates the services, helps run the ministry that has two churches..feeding centers...and so much more, trains up the next generation to be church leaders, does an amazing job helping with the children's ministry, serves/loves her husband, training her daughter to love the lord, and so much more that I could go on forever)...and she took out lots of time to look at the house, negotiate the lease and work out all of the details. She has a servants heart and we have truly been blessed by not only her help, but also the sweet friendship. THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart!!!

So that leads us to where we are 52 of quarantine, but now we have space to roam around because the property at this new house is large. We are blessed and thankful and can't wait to share this blessing with others once quarantine is over. Another bonus is that we are able to continue taking Spanish classes online.

To God be the glory for having a grand plan for our lives and showing us each step of the way what to do and where to go. May we always be in the center of His will, which is the safest place to be...wherever that may lead us.

Blessings to y'all. As I am closing, really wishing quarantine was over the Holy Spirit sweetly reminded me of Psalm 46:10

I'll be back next Wednesday with another weekly update on things in Hounduras. Thanks for checking in and following along on our faith journey with God. Virtual Hugs 🤗 . Love y'all ❤️

The language school we attend in Honduras...

The fellowship we‘re a part of....

Pastor Peter, his wife Kathy, and their daughter Hadassah....

My online classes with Marta....

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