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Almost bankrupt....JK

This week I bought a Messi jersey (my favorite fútbol/soccer player) from a local shop. I’m telling you Messi is the best soccer player in the world.

That same day I bought an awesome cowboy hat. This hat has reared up horses in the front and steer horns on the side.

I also bought a great Honduran toy.

This is why I “almost went bankrupt”.

I love Honduras and all its people are great. For example, I asked to play and they didn’t say wait after this game, but they rearranged teams and let us play. We are having soo much fun here in Honduras.

Pray for me as I start Spanish clases Monday.

PS. Thank y’all for your support and prayers to make this capable for our family to learning Spanish so we can use it to start a Celebrate Recovery here in Honduras. See y’all next Tuesday!

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