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Adventures in Quarantine

This week was difficult and fun.

All week long 24/7 our family has been in the house. I have had no Spanish school or free play outside of the house. Our house only has a small porch and back yard. I am so glad but kind of frustrated that we're in the house because I do not want to have the virus. The good news is we have groceries and antibacterial soap.

This week I also had a birthday (Saturday March 21st). I look forward to my birthday every year because our family doesn't have thousands of people over but our family just hangs out together. My family and I played many games like chess, yahtzee hands down, sorry revenge, nertz, canasta and rummy. I had so much fun. Also this week while in quarantine we watched Frozen 2, an awesome and meaningful movie. I had a really fun birthday celebration with my family.

Yesterday, in the morning since we had barely no veggies, so we called this guy who had a truck load of veggies he sells. This was a great experience to practice our Spanish. We have lots of fruits and veggies now. I can't believe he even had cheeses, beans and coffee. We got a lot for a little amount of money. This was an experience of a lifetime for me.

I guess come to think about it, I did a little Spanish school. I studied and relooked at my "Who I am" cards in Spanish. I thank God that he gave me the ability of memorizing verses. This year I am working on memorizing all 91 of my "Who I am" cards in Spanish and I am on 42. This is my own ministry...I am going to share these verses with the people here who struggle with low-self esteem and depression like me. I am so glad I can serve the people of Honduras along side my parents.

PS Gracias por su ayuda y oraciones para mi familia. Bendiciones de Honduras. This says, thanks for your help and prayers for my family. Blessing from Honduras. Adios. Hasta proximo Martes. Bye. I'll see you again next Tuesday.

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