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A Pretty Good Week

Hey guys this week has been very chill because my dad has an ear infection but this week still has been pretty fun.

This week has been pretty good as I said above. My brother and I have been doing a lot of school and I actually am learning a lot. Right now I am learning about World War one, two, and the "Great Depression" and how it played an important role in America. I can't wait to learn more on these subjects. -POP QUIZ Who were the Presidents during the Great Depression;

Since My dad has an ear infection, so we haven't gone to the Rehab at all. I miss going there and helping the people there because I truely consider them as my family. Pray that my Dad heals in his ear so we can go back to the Rehab. I think he said we start back on Thursday.

Whooo! My mom is coming home in 4 days and I can't wait. Pray that she gets a Corona Virus test so she can be home for Christmas.

Thank y'all soo much for reading my blog God Bless you tonight.

-Answer: Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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