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A lot of school, mechanics on the car, and working out!!!!

Hey y’all. How are all of you. Just wanted to check in with y’all and let you all know that everything is going great here in Honduras. I am doing a lot of school work right now with my Bible Study Methods class (Hermeneutics) because they have compacted 15 weeks into a nine week summer course. It is a lot of reading.

Today I was able to go out and go grocery shopping and go to the car mechanic because our car’s check engine light came on and it looks like the catalytic converter is bad. Going to get it checked out again on Monday, so pray that all goes well. The mechanic wants to try a liquid chemical that you have to put in the gas to go through the system to clean it out. Hopefully that will work.

Also, I have started back working out with the boys in the back yard so that I can stay in shape. Here is a picture of me 7 years ago and here is now.

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