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A LOOK BACK AT MAY (through Messiah's eyes)...

Hey guys, it's me. Messiah. This month was super exciting. On the first of the month,one of the best things happened... We had my graduation party. I had soooo much fun there because we hung out, did a whole ceremony, ate, and even played tackle football. When we played football, it was Guenther, dad, a friend named Chaase, and I (everyoone from the west side) vs, Pastor David, and my friends CeeJay, Owen ,and Sam. I had a lot of fun because though it was super competitive, everyone had awesome sportsmanship. Looking back, about four months ago, my friends came over and played football. Owen was guarding me, and I was just beating him down. When he came for the graduation, he said "This game is not going to go like it did last time"... Let me tell you he didn't lie. I have really good hands (thanks to my dads training, I only dropped one pass out of about 30), and every time I caught the ball, I was getting hit by Owen. He has super long arms, so he can grab me, and when he locks on, he doesn't let go. It was the best graduation that ever happened. My team ended up winning though.

At the graduation, I had the opportunity to sing a song that I wrote named "You've Been Good". I'm sooooo happy that I'm finally graduated, and I can't wait to start a new adventure in life in college.

Pictures of the graduation...

Later on in the month, I was asked to sing ONE song for a wedding,. I was honored to be asked, and they wanted me to sing "This is Why I Love You" by Major. When we got there, something went wrong to where the songs wouldn't work on their phone, so when it all came down, I sang for the whole wedding night. You all know that I sing Christian songs, so that's what they got, and they loved it.

Wedding pictures...

You guys know that I lead worship at our church here in Roatan. When I applied to DBU, I told them that I had experience in leading worship, and they remembered that. They sent me an email the other day asking me to audition to see if I get accepted to be on the DBU worship team as a freshman!! I am so excited that they asked me. Pray that I do good on my audition this Sunday that they accept me. This is an opportunity to help lead over 5000 students in worship. This will also open up the door to a lot more things and opportunities in the future.

This month was also very exciting because we went to the other Honduran island named Utila, to check on people who graduated from the rehab. I had a lot of fun.

This month has been the first month that I have played basketball since August. I was really rusty, but I polished myself up. My dad, Guenther, and I went to a court to play, hoping that other people would show up, but they didnt. We played a 2v1. Guenther and dad vs me. I won the first game 11-9, and they won the second 11-7. Y'all who know me know that I absolutely HATE to loose. We played a third game, so I then had to go all out. I was not going home to tell my mom that I lost the series. You might as well cry to the world "I'm a looser", and I am NOT a looser. I had to win, and put on beast mode. I ended up winning 11-4. I got to go home and tell my mom that I won against two people. I'm super happy that I got to play again.

The piano is going great, and I am learning a lot. It is really hard though.

Prayer requests

*Learn the piano

*Get accepted to be on the DBU worship team

*Get college funded

Praise *I graduated high school

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