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A LOOK BACK AT MAY (through Guenther's eyes)...

Hey guys! This month was amazing serving here in Roatan. I have sooo many great things to share with y'all. but I will only focus on a few experiences.

God reminded me this month that our words can encourage and build up or tear down and pierce someone. I had the ability to be used by God to encourage two of my adult friends with my words that the Spirit gave me. Here's the story below of the two people I encouraged.


James is a native Islander who is a really good friend of mine. James knows a lot of the Bible and I love hearing all his life's stories. If you evet get to meet him you will absolutly love him. One day we went to his house because his wife and son had their birthday. While we were there I had a conversation about his walk with the Lord and just took some time encouraging him and sharing verses with him. It was a sweet time and after that I felt like it was honor serving God.


David is a missionary who pastors a local church in Puenta Caliente on the east end of Roatan. David is a godly, wise man that is biblically sound man who adores God. Every time I see him he always encourages me with my walk with God. David just recently preached a the church we attend. He shared that he had tension with his dad and has not talked to his dad in years. After church service I had the opportunity to encourage him to talk with his dad. He told me that he fears his dad won't remember him because he has demintia. I left him with these words, "God can make a miracle to make his dad remember him for a couple minutes." A few days ago he sent me a message that he visited his dad and made peace with dad. Little did he know that in two in the morning that his dad would breathe his last. Our words are powerful and I challenge you to use your words and I challenge you to use your words and to build up and encorage.

I am on the Road to Recovery!!! Thanks to God that I have 39 days clean from rumminating. I earned a 30 day recovery chip. Glory to God! Pray that I will keep my eyes focused on looking forward.

I had a lot of fun experiences this month. A few weeks ago I the ability to go to a wedding that required all white attire. At the wedding I shared a poem I wrote for their wedding. It was a new fun experience.

Here's the poem….

This month I developed a good friendship with our neighbor named Tasha. Tasha absolutly loves me and every day encourages me to continue fighting for my health. Our family and Tasha loves playing games and a lot of the times she beats us in the games. She has come over at least 10 times this month and eveytime we have sooo much fun.

Last but not least, a couple days ago we went to Utila for the first time. We went there to check in on a few Rehab graduates. In Utila we meet sooo many people in the short amount of time we were there. We saw and experienced soo much including trying new food's, helping the poor and visiting the elderly. I loved it and can't wait to return.


-That I serve the Lord more than this June.

-That I keep strong in my faith walk.


-We leave for the states in July for a short trip.

-39 days of not ruminating!

Thank y'all for reading my blog and I can't wait to come to the states in July.

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