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A LOOK BACK AT MARCH (through Guenther's eyes)...

Hola amigos! Hey guys this past month has been good and tough for me, but thank you God He has pulled me through.

Most of this month I have been struggling and still am with wanting to do what is right. I have realized that I have really not been serving God, but I've been soooo distracted on pleasing myself. The Bible commands us over and over again to share the gospel and serve the Lord, but I've realized as I was writing this I haven't really sought out an opportunity to serve God on my own, but only when I am asked to serve. I really need y'all to come alongside me and pray I would be emptied of myself and filled with a fire for serving the Lord by sharing the gospel. I hope this April's blog I can share with y'all how God used me to serve him on my own.

The last week of March had soooo many cool adventures, but here are my favorites. Can you believe it this last March I got officially certified as a PADI open water scuba diver. Our family finally got certified as open water scuba divers and it was hard doing some of the skills, but worth every minute of it. On our last dive before getting certified we had the chance to see a Hawksbill turtle close up eating something in the coral. When I saw it I felt like the world around me froze and lets just say I was in heaven. That was like the cherry on top of getting certified. It was soooo amazing seeing it gracefully glide and go about its day as a sea turtle. I just love diving because its truly like you are entering another world that is soooo peaceful. It is soooo beautiful and soooo cool to think how our God created sea creatures in only one day and has put an order to all of the fishes of the sea. Also I love how they are all uniquely designed for a special purpose. On that dive we saw parrot fish, sergeant majors, and one that looked like a unicorn. It was such an experience.

Here are some photos of the dive...

I almost forgot I just turned 14 on the 21st of March. Man! time is flying soooo fast. I am soooo blessed God gave me another year, but continue to pray I use this year to serve him with my whole heart not just please myself. For my birthday my parents took me out to a fancy restaurant on the beach... what an experience. I absolutely love dressing up fancy and eating fancy. My parents and I had a good time enjoying some delicious food, talking, and taking pictures to remember that night. It was such a fun time and as we sat there I just soaked it all in. We also got to go to the animal park and hug a hairy sloth that was a few years old. You would think they are soft like a teddy bear, but they are actually hard and have long finger nails that will puncture you. I even have a shirt my mom bought me for my birthday as a souvenir that is cool. What was even cooler was playing with the hyper monkeys that were there. The monkeys loved to jump and hang on to you as long as you kept feeding it sunflower seeds. It was a fun time and I really enjoyed every second of it.

Here's photos of the activities we did for my birthday...

Prayer Requests:

-Be emptied of myself and serve God

-Be honest, give my best, and want to do what's right.

Praise Report:

-I turned 14

-We are PADI certified open water scuba divers

Thank y'all for reading my blog and I am excited to share how I served God this April. Bye!

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