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A LOOK BACK AT JUNE (through Tyler's eyes)...

Hey y’all. This month of June has flown by. We have been working at the rehab and teaching the men there the Word of God. They are doing very well and most of them are truly paying attention. They have a lot of questions, but they are getting the concept that Jesus is the solution to all of their problems and without him they will continue to fail. We recently had a big graduation at a local restaurant for two of the guys that were in the rehab. One of them decided to stay at the rehab and be a leader and the cook. He is doing a great job and wants to become a Bible teacher. The second guy that graduated went back to his island to help his family. We continue to check on these guys for follow up in their recovery. We make sure they are reading their Bible daily and we also talk to them about their temptations. That is one of the biggest prayers that we ask of you all. It is to continue to pray for these guys in the rehab but also that Lorenda and I will continue to follow up with these men in the after care of leaving the rehab. There is also another guy that we continue to talk to since he has been out of the rehab. He is back with his wife and son and has never felt so happy in his life. He was a man that struggled with alcohol and drugs for over 20 years and does not know the last time he was sober. He is now working his recovery and each day he loves it more and more. The biggest burden that Lorenda and I have for these guys is when they graduate from the rehab. A lot of them think they are good and that they can handle it outside of the rehab, but most of the time that is not the case. They fall right back into the temptations of the world and usually fall back farther than they were. After care for these guys is something the island does not have and we want to be that light and inspiration to these men that they can fight the good fight with the Lord on their side.

Celebrate Recovery has been going very well. We meet every Monday night and are averaging between 15 to 20 people. We just recently had our second cookout/pool party for Celebrate Recovery. We had a great turn out and had an amazing time. We will not be having CR for 7 weeks due to us coming back to the states to drop Messiah off at college, CR conference, and to see friends and family. We are so excited to come back and see everyone. Once we get back to the island we will be starting CR back up and getting a leadership team together so that when we have to come back to the states the CR can continue running. We are so thankful for all of your prayers and everything that you all have been doing for us so that we can be here to serve the Lord full time. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

It is going to be so different here without having Messiah here. He has been our full time worship leader at church, at the rehab, and at Celebrate Recovery. He was a big part of this mission here in Roatan Honduras. But, it is time for him to go to college and we are so proud of him and hope that he continues to follow the Lord’s Will for his life. Please, we ask, that you pray for him and all of his endeavors in life.

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