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A LOOK BACK AT JUNE (through Messiah's eyes)...

Hey guys, it’s me Messiah. This month has been great though!!!

This month, worship has been great. People always tell me “Messiah, you just blessed my heart with that song". It makes me feel good, and I give glory to the one who deserves it. When I lead worship, I just feel like I’m right next to God. Since leading worship is basically my favorite thing to do, I do it Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Monday nights, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, and Friday morning. On Sunday evenings, my parents lead a Bible study, and I lead the worship. Monday nights, we do Celebrate Recovery and I lead the worship. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, we go to the rehab center and I lead worship there in Spanish.

Then on top of that, for the past few Monday's I helped someone who wanted to learn more about signing on a worship team. We worked on rhythym, projecting, intros, pitch and more. I was glad to help her out.

Antoher thing I try to do is share God with others. My neighbor loves to talk to me, and he is the one who taught me how to cut coconuts with a machete. He also loves to talk about sports and I shared with him that it's amazing that God gave us physical bodies to do things like play sports. I have to work on being bolder in my faith, and bringing up Christ specifically more with him and others.

These past few Wednesdays, we went to play basketball with a bunch of islanders. Some of them aren’t too good, but there are others who are SUPER good!!! They can shoot, cross over fast break, and more. I always have fun playing with them.

My family also loves to watch family movies. There is this series called “The Chosen” and it is SUPER good. There is a free app, and when you download it, you can watch all of the episodes that are out. It is really good, and it’s about the life of Jesus.

This will be the last time that I blog before I go to college. I am super excited, but also kind of sad. Last month, I told y’all that I had a chance to be on the worship team for my school chapel. This month on the sixth I sent my audition video, and I should get a response within this week. I only have a couple more days until I leave.

I have had sooooooo much fun living here in Roatan. I love living here because the people are so nice and they are always kind. I am also going to miss the food here. They have coconut rice and beans, baleadas, rice cake, pastelitos, and sooooooo much more. I’m also going to miss leading worship. I had the privilege and honor to lead worship for almost a year. I only missed two Sundays because I had Covid. I’m glad that it passed in August for us. I am also going to miss my family because while I’m in the States, they will be back here on the island. Also, here in Roatan, we have great diving, and I LOVE DIVING. We have the second largest barrier reef in the world. Second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Seeing God’s creation under the water is on a whole ’nother level. The good thing is that I get to come back to these things, and stay in touch with family and friends.

Though I will be missing these things, I’ll be learning new things, meeting new people, trying new foods, and creating my own adventures. I’m going to learn how to better worship the Lord, and speak better Spanish .I am glad that I have a few friends that I know in Texas because that really comforts me a lot more.

Okay, enough about missing the island. Now it’s time to talk about the song of the month!!! There is this new song that Elevation and Maverick City put out, and it is AWESOME!!! It is called “Talking to Jesus”. The words behind it are soooo true, and I can relate to the song. Brandon Lake is singing it, and he said ”Mama used to drag me to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, with khaki pants and a Polo shirt. Boy I put up a fight. She said son one day you’ll thank me for having Jesus in your life.” Then he said “yeah my momma was right because now I’m talking to Jesus.” That was soooooooooooo me. My mom used to make me go tho church, and I had to where khakis and a button up or polo shirt. I learned from her, and I am now talking to Jesus. Another song by these same groups is called “Have My Heart” I love this song because it is telling us that the least we can give God is our heart.

Thank y’all for reading my blog, and I’ll talk to y’all soon!!!

Praise Report:

I am learning more of the piano

I had a great last month before leaving to college

Prayer Requests:

that I get accepted on the DBU chapel team for college

safe travels to the states

that I transition well into college

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