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A LOOK BACK AT JUNE (through Guenther's eyes)...

Hey guys! This month was pretty good. I had a lot of fun this month.

This month I have been trying to focus on God by working my own recovery instead of helping others work theirs . My mom always says, “You can’t help others word their recovery if you can’t work yours.” What that looks like for me is pouring into God each day. I made a project to find as many verses as I can about renewing the mind, honoring God with my body, truthfulness, how to fight temptataions, and lastly anger. I plan to keep on trying to get right with God.

Praise report! Guess what? I have 70 days clean of not regurgatating. Praise be to God! Please pray that I would keep my eyes focused and that I get healthy, spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you for always backing me up with encouragement in your blog comments.

Bani, Banito and Roxana is a family that we have hanged out with twice this month. This family is amazing to hang out with because they are all so nice and calm. They came to our house for lunch and we played ”UNO” together. We had so much fun and come to find out is that they have never played a card game as a family. The funny thing is the next Sunday we came over their house to play with their son. I am so glad to have them as friends.

We had a CR cookout at a little resort that our friends partly own . We had tons of people. My favorite part of the party was playing people in chess. I won about 2or 3 games against some friends. We also threw around a frizbe and tried to land it on beach recliner chairs. The cookout was fabulous.

You won’t believe it, but we will be in the states soon. We are flying to the States to drop Messiah off for college, check in with our supporters and see family. I can’t wait to come back to visit. See y’all soon.

Thank y’all for reading my blog .

Praise Report:

70 days of no regurgatating

Prayer Requests:

travels to the states

My health spiritually, mentally and physically

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