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A LOOK BACK AT JANUARY (through Messiah's eyes)

Hey guys, it's me Messiah. January has been a great month.

Ministry here has been going great. I have been leading worship at the church here, and I am so glad that I have the privilege to do so. I'm really happy that God gave me the talent of playing the guitar and singing so that I can worship Him. As a worship team, I feel that we have sung really powerful songs. We have been singing songs like "The Blessing", "Another in the Fire", "Graves into Gardens", "No Longer Slaves" and a whole lot more. I love singing at church, but I also love singing at the rehab here. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I sing three main songs in Spanish. The three songs that I sing are "Rompa Tus Cadenas" (Chain Breaker), "No Soy Esclavo"(No Longer Slaves), and "Ven Ante Su Trono" (O Come to the Altar). The reason we chose these songs is so they can remember that Jesus is a chain breaker, that when we accept the Lord we are children of God, and that God is always ready to accept us in. I love to hear the voices of the people in the rehab sing all together! All of these people praising the Lord is a awesome thing to see. Also, ministry has been good because when I sing, people love the message of the song. One guy named Niko, who loves music, asked me one day after I sang "Reckless Love" if I could write down the lyrics. I wrote it down for him, and he loved it. I also gave him the Bible reference and he loved it. The verse was Luke 15:1-7. Once I gave him the lyrics, the smile on his face was sooooo big. The best part was just how happy he was on such a simple deed.

Here is a picture of Niko and me...

Here is a picture of the song list...

Here is a picture of me leading worship at the rehab...

We have been doing a lot of ministry here on the island, but my family makes sure that we still have fun as a family. My parents are teaching me the importance of having fun as a family while on the mission field for God. This month, we went diving. The diving is for our oceanography class, and also for our Christmas present. My mom asked us if we wanted things or dive... we definitely chose diving. We are working on getting certified as PADI Open Water scuba divers. The experience of breathing under water is just awesome but calming at the same time. We still have three more dives to do to get certified. I love diving because I love looking at God's creation. To see parrot fish, lion fish, barracudas, and manta rays is just one of the most beautiful thing to look at. Also, our family loves to watch movies together. I love quality time with my family, and I'm really going to miss it when I go to college. For Christmas, the family got a Nintendo Switch from my grandparents. We only have three games, but they are three cool games. We play Mario Kart, NBA 2K21, and a workout game. Dad, Guenther and I play NBA 2K. I always win, but it is still fun. I beat Guenther 112-31. I was the Huston Rockets, and he was the Chicago Bulls. I beat dad 90-42. When I play against the computer, I can't beat the two best teams, but, I'll get there one day. I love that we have fun as a family.

Here is a picture of us playing the Nintendo Switch...

Please pray for me in these areas

*That I stay humble.

*That I get scholarships and grants to pay for my first year of college in full.

*That I finish my last two classes of high school and senior project soon.


*I’m almost done with high school!

*We got to go diving.

Thank y'all for reading my blog, and I'll talk to y'all next month.

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