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A LOOK BACK AT JANUARY (through Guenther's eyes)

January has been wonderful at the Rehab. Three people got saved and entered God's family. As a missionary kid I've been helping out at the rehab by assisting the people to find Bible verses while my mom teaches because many people don't know the Bible well. Not only do some rehab students not know the Bible, but some can't even read. I've learned to not take reading for granted because some people would love to be able to read. I love helping them look for the verses and it makes me feel a part of the mission that God has placed on our hearts. Also, I help my mom out by finding verses in the bible that the Holy Spirit puts on her heart to share with the people during the teaching. Thanks to God for my parents, the AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) program and Bible Drill that helps me find Bible verses quickly. Ministry here has been flourishing in spite of the pandemic.

Great news! Our family went scuba diving for the first time together. It was so amazing seeing God's beauty. I loved seeing the order in the way everything moves under the sea and the designs on the fish, especially the parrot fish. It was so fun! We are hoping as a family to get fully certified as an open water diver. With this certification we could go diving all around the world. We also recently got the opportunity to hang out with some friends from the mainland; they were visiting the island at a missionary rest/refill house. We showed them some parts of the Island and also went snorkeling. When we went snorkeling we saw parrot fish an a black/yellow fish. I could almost touch the fish. It was a beautiful experience. One of my favorite parts while they were here was spending the night at the mission house with them. While we were there, we went on a hike through the woods along the beach with them. There were conch shells, sea shells, and pretty rocks galore. I found a little conch shell, two white sea shells, and a pretty rock. We had a lot of fun with them and I felt so sad when they had to leave.

Picture of our family about to go diving....

Picture of a parrot fish...

Picture of the black/yellow fish we saw thousands of...

Pictures of the shells I found on my hike...

Please pray for me in these areas

* Pray for me to be honest in everything.

* Pray for me to work on 2 areas of self control in my life.

* Pray for me to be more bold to share the gospel with people my age.


* I made some good friends my age.

* I get to serve at the rehab with my family.

Thank y'all so much for reading my blog. See y'all next month to share what God did during the month of February. Bye!!!

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