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A LOOK BACK AT FEBRUARY (Through Tyler's eyes.)

Starting off for the month of February we had some amazing friends that visited us from the mainland Honduras. We were able to really catch up on our friendship and have a time of worship.

During this time a divine appointment came up as we were saying farewell to our friends and they were praying over us and for our ministry, a lady that was working at a shop close to us called us over because she saw them praying over us and she said she wanted what we have. So Lorenda was able to have a gospel conversation with this lady and as I was hanging out with the boys she was able to privately talk with her and about 30 minutes later she came out from where the lady worked and said that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. That day was so exciting for us. Right in the middle of us hanging out with friends a divine appointment happened. That was so awesome.

As you know I wrote in my last blog that I had an issue while Lorenda was gone and we have gone through some really great studies with each other and we have started back dating on Sunday nights. These dates have been very impactful for our marriage. It is a time that we just get to stop and slow down and really just think about each other. I am so in love with this woman that nothing can tear us apart. She is the apple of my eye and I enjoy every waking minute with her. On our first date I had octopus tacos, and I think they are probably one of my favorite things to eat right now. We also had a steak with sweet potato fries which I think the tacos were better.

We have been really loving working at the rehab. We have been teaching them straight from the Bible and we have created a solid family with all of the guys and gals in the rehab. They have been having some really tough questions that we are having to dig and find the answers for them in the Bible. We want them to know God's Word and not our opinion, so we give the Word for their answers to their questions.

Another thing that we started in February is Celebrate Recovery. It is a fully working Celebrate Recovery with large group and small groups. It has gone very well. Our first night we had 23 people show up, second night we had 15 people show up, third night we had 31 people show up, and on our fourth night we had 14 people show up. This has been an amazing group and our small groups are really starting to open up. Our fifth night starts this coming up Monday with Lorenda telling her full testimony. Please keep her in your prayers for this upcoming Monday.

We are so glad that you are on this journey with us and we are so thankful that you are praying for us and giving to us so that God's kingdom work can be furthered. Thank you so much and this could not be done without you all.

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