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A LOOK BACK AT FEBRUARY (through Messiah's eyes)

Hey guys, it's Messiah. I hope that y'all have had a great month. February has had a lot of exciting things for me. The most exciting thing is that I AM ALMOST DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!! I just need three more dives, but that will be as easy as adding two plus two. When I finished my last day in Biology (my last class besides the 3 dives for my Oceanography class), I was probably the happiest person on our island. I'm just so excited that my mom has taught and pulled me through my schooling years. We went out for papusas a few days later for finishing the brunt work. Papusas are awesome cheesy things wrapped in tortilla. They are from Él Salvador, but they are a typical Honduran food. Now that I am almost done with high school, I'm not going to know what to do. I am definitely a scheduled person, and I don't to know what to do without a timed schedule. I am trying to learn the keyboard because for college, I need to know piano level three (whatever that is?). The keyboard that I have from the church plays, but a quarter of the keys don't work due to the moisture that is here on the island. (If you have anything that can rust or get damaged by moisture, I promise that over time, it will go bad). I have to find a different keyboard, or fix it. The app that I have has a very good rating, and so hopefully I will learn a lot.

Picture of me practicing the piano...

Now since I am almost done with my high school years, I have the opportunity to learn more songs to worship on Sunday. Leading worship always gives me joy. I really don't have the words to say, but worship just does something to me. This month there were two songs that my mom played on YouTube that really have soooooooooooo much truth to them. The first one is called "Promises" by Maverick City Music. This song talks about how God's faithfulness is everlasting, and how He always keeps His promises. It also says that from the rising to the setting of the sun that we should praise his name, and that He will always stay the same. The second song is called "Be Still" by Red Rocks Worship. This talks about how God is powerful, and that we should just wait for Him. We need to ask for Him to renew all of our strength. Songs by Maverick City and Upper Room are soooooo great. If you get the chance to listen to them, it will really touch your soul.

Link to listen to "Promises"....

Link to listen to "Be Still"....

Because I love leading worship, I do it five times a week. I lead it on Sunday for church, Monday for our new Celebrate Recovery that we just started, and Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays at the rehab in Spanish.

Mom and Dad started a Celebrate Recovery, and I have the honor to lead worship with my trusty drummer Rob. (He used to be a drummer for a rock band!) We have Celebrate Recovery every Monday night from 6-8pm. For part of the month of February we didn't go to the rehab because they were rehabbing it (pun intended!). They have built a well, did a second level above the teaching to relocate the bedroom spaces (because on the bottom the rooms get flooded with water when it rains), and a lot more construction projects...too many to list. They are some hard workers. I love going to the rehab, and I can't wait to go back and see our rehab family.

Pictures of me singing at the rehab...

Pictures of Rob and me practicing for Celebrate Recovery...

Though there has been a lot of ministry work, I still play and have fun. My fun is playing instruments and singing. I play my guitar ALL THE TIME. I also have wars with my army men. Obviously my side (Navy SEAL's, Marine's, and Army Rangers) always wins. We also watch family movies. For example, We watched one called "Into The Woods". It was a musical, and I love musicals. My mom and dad struggled through it. Honestly, they despised it, but they did it for me to celebrate me finishing my senior project. I love my family. When I was done with my written work for high school, I got to pick a movie, and I picked one called "Prince of Persia". That was a GREAT movie. Our family loves to have fun together.

Picture of my army men set up...

Prayer Requests:

*That I finish high school this March (only need 3 more dives).

*That I find a keyboard and learn how to play it.

*That I prepare for leaving for college in August.


*I finished my senior project. *Almost done with high school.

Thank y'all for reading my blog, and I'll talk to y'all next month!

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