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A LOOK BACK AT FEBRUARY (through Lorenda's eyes)

Hello y'all!!! Hope you had a great February, I know we had a great month here in Honduras!!! So many great things happened that I don't know where to begin.

We'll start with the main reason God called us to international bring Celebrate Recovery to help the nations find healing from any hurt, hang-up or habit through the power of Jesus Christ. We are excited to share that we had a meeting with Rick, the owner/manager of Infinity Bay Resort...where we have church at every Sunday, asking for permission to use the space for Celebrate Recovery one night a week. Drum roll please........he said YES!!!! At our meeting on Monday February 1, 2021 he informed us that Monday nights each week we could have the space to use for the program. We had our first meeting on Monday February 15, 2021 and 23 people attended. It was an amazing introduction night, as Celebrate Recovery is new to a lot of people. Please be in prayer for us as we will have Celebrate Recovery every Monday night from 6-8pm here in Roatan, Honduras. We are so excited for all that God is going to do through the power of healing through Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is a good good Father for sure!

**(You won't see us post pictures of this meeting as there are rules about anonymity and confidentiality that we want to follow...but you are always welcome to come check it out! If you do see pictures they will be before or after the meeting and we will make sure to have everyones permission before posting).

**Some of you may not know exactly what Celebrate Recovery is or what it's all about, so here is a link to watch a video to see what it's all about. Also on this website you can find a local group near you to check it out in person...they are all over the world.

Another part of my ministry is my children. God commands us to train up our children in the way that they shall go (Proverbs 22:6) and that got very REAL in 2014 when God called me to homeschool my kids. Messiah was struggling in school academically and behaviorally, so he had a bright idea to ask me to homeschool him (he said he thought it would be easier than public school...little did he know that my spiritual gift is teaching and that I take teaching very seriously). Then Guenther asked to join us on this homeschool journey. This meant leaving a job that I loved to invest in the future of my children, and let me tell was soooooooo worth it. We have been on this journey for 7 years and for Messiah this homeschooling journey is coming to an end...I have feelings of excitement for his future, but also sad because I am going to miss hanging out with him everyday when he leaves for college. Messiah has completed all of his book work and only needs to complete his scuba diving certification for his Oceanography class and then he is done. What a journey it has been!!! Guenther is done with his first year of high school (he is a year advanced for his age...but if you know him, you probably already guessed that), so we get to have fun together for 3 more years of high school homeschooling. I am so blessed to be able to pour into their lives each day and train them in the way they shall go. They are a blessing from above and I am so grateful for them! Please pray for Messiah as he prepares for college, specifically that he will get schooling covered by scholarships, and pray for Guenther as he turns 14, that he grows in his faith and surrenders completely to the Lord's will for his life.

Homeschooling the boys (scuba dining as part of their Oceanography course) while Tyler does online Bible College....

The other major piece to ministry here in Roatan, Honduras is serving at the rehab "Jesus is the Solution." Right now they have 25-30 people in the rehab and we help our by teaching the Bible 3 days a week. I LOVE the time we get to go to the rehab and invest in their lives for eternity. The time spent there is some of the sweetest times of the week. For part of the month of February we couldn't go there to teach because they were doing a lot of construction projects and we really MISSED going there. They are like family to us! Please pray for the rehab that many lives will be changed for eternity by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Group picture of those in the rehab.....

Me teaching at the rehab....

We are beyond blessed to be a part of what God is doing here in Roatan, Honduras. Surrendering completely to the will of God has been the best journey ever! I am just grateful that he uses a wretch/sinner like me to be the hands and feet of His son Jesus Christ. Praise God for his love, grace and mercy!

Here are some ways you can PRAY for me specifically...

*I have a training with a missionary and her team on the Mainland (via Zoom) to train them in our children's Celebrate Recovery program, Celebration Place, on Saturday March 13, 2021. Prayers for that training is greatly apprecaited!

*We have our first Celebrate Recovery outreach, a cookout at our house. Prayers that it will be a great time of fellowship.

Can you come alongside me and PRAISE God for these great things he's done...

*God has allowed Celebrate Recovery to begin through "R Church".

*God has brought me through 7 years of Homeschooling my kiddos.

*God gives us the wisdom to teach the Bible at the rehab.

Thank y'all for reading my blog and being a part of what God is doing here in Roatan, Honduras through your prayers and/or financially. Love y'all!

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