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A LOOK BACK AT FEBRUARY (through Guenther's eyes)

Tanto tiempo sin hablar contigo (Long time no talk with y'all). This Febuary has been great with ministry and our family.

In this blog I want to take you behind the scenes in our ministry. I want your to feel what we feel here living/serving on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Ready, set, let's go.

Okay imagen your here in Roatan on a tropical beach walking. You see the crystias clear water glistening like a freshly cleaned window. You can hear the wind rattling the fruitful coconut trees and the squaking Macaws flying overhead. People are laughing as they zoom here and there on the water toys. You think this is the life to live, everything is absolutly perfect, but it is not. Little do you know there are so many people hurting all around you. At night as you see the stars you don't realize there are so many men, women and children hurting. People are getting high, drunk and are dying every night. You don't think of some people digging in the trash at the garbage dump to eat because thy squandered their money for reckless pursuits. This is why we are here. We are here to help people find recovery from their hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Picture of what most think of island living and the reality for some...

Whooo! On the 15th of Febuary our family took a big leap of faith and kicked off our first offical Celebrate Recovery through "R Church" on the Island. We have the oppurtunity every Monday might from 6:00-8:00pm in the conference room at Infinity Bay Resort. This Resort is one of the biggest and well known resorts on the Island where many tourists come and stay. We had a total of 23 people there for the first night. Thanks to God everything went well for us the first night. I had so much fun singing during worship time, encouraging and hanging out with people afterwards. Pray we will continue touching lives and helping others find recovery through Jesus Christ. Not only are we helping the locals, but we are also helping the other missionaries and ex-pats work through their hurts, hang-ups, and habits through Jesus Christ.

Me during band practice and setting up for Celebrate Recovery the first night...

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I usually serve at the rehab with my family encouraging our fellow brothers and sisters to get free from their addictions. I help them find verses and encourage them to keep on fighting. There are 25-30 people in the Rehab and this month 2 people have graduated the Rehab program.

Picture of some of the people at the rehab right now...

Not only are we helping the ones currently in the rehab, but we are also continuing the relationships with the ones who already graduated. A guy named Admiral graduated a few months ago and you can see the difference in his life. His family has brought him back in and gave him a job. He is doing great!!! This guy is like an uncle to me and I love him. It is truly a blessing serving here. Pray for many more to find recovery through Jesus Christ.

Admiral before and after...

Me and Admiral walking together as he shows us where he lives/works.....

Phew! My brother and I have finished our Biology homeschool course....let me tell you, it was hard. We learned to much like meiosis, mitosis, the different parts/functions of a cell, and much more. My favorite was learning about faith vs evolution. There is a video online that we watched that was about this topic. At the end of Biology, I got a 91% overall and we celebrated by watching a family movie. It was worth every bit.

Video link on faith vs evolution in case you are interested...

We also had a lot of time as a family just having fun, playing volleyball and watching family movies. This month was great!

Prayer Requests:

*That I will be honest and give my best.

*For the Celebrate Recovery and Rehab ministry to continue flourishing.


*Celebrate Recovery started.

*Done with my Biology homeschool class.

Thanks for reading my blog! See y'all next month for a March update of what God is doing here in this missionary kid's life in Roatan, Honduras.

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