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A LOOK BACK AT APRIL (through Tyler's eyes...)

Hey guys, I am sorry that this is a little late. We have not done too much at the rehab this month because they have been doing a lot of construction and rebuilding the rehab and all the guys at the rehab do the work, so they are keeping them very busy and working very hard. Hopefully, they will be done soon and we will be back in there teaching three times a week. The one thing we did have is a graduation that was held on the other side of the island, which takes you about an hour and twenty minutes to drive to. It was a great experience to see the graduation and how many people came out to see and support the graduates that graduated from the rehab. One of the biggest issues that we have seen is the transition back into society. It is very hard for a lot of them to go right back into the community they came from, and God has really put on our heart to work on a BIG project for the future and build some transitional housing, that we hope can help with the transition back into society. So, I ask that you pray for us as we make plans for this BIG project for the future.

I want to mention about Celebrate Recovery. We have now been in this several months and it has been going very well. We have been averaging anywhere from 15 to 30 on every Monday night. The people here are really loving the Celebrate Recovery and are excited to praise Jesus for their recoveries.

This month we also did a lot of other things too. We have met with other people and had some time to do things as a family. One of the things we did was go to a memorial fishing tournament for a teen that died in his sleep. The family had the first annual memorial fishing tournament for kids. It was an awesome experience to see the community come together to support the family that lost their son. Messiah got to play his guitar with the band that they had playing on the beach. He was able to finally learn how to play some reggae on his guitar. I am so proud of him and the choices that he is making to follow the Lord. He is getting so close to leaving us and going to college in just a few months.

Another thing we got to experience is one of our friends here just bought a coffee company and we got to go there and see the process on how they roast the coffee and we also got to try some of the coffee too. It is some of the best coffee we have ever had. Whenever you all come and visit that is one of the places we will take you to to get some great coffee and you can also buy some bags of it to take back home with you.

One of the biggest things that I have been working on is the 40 days Jesus walked on earth leading up to Pentecost. After Resurrection Sunday a lot of us forget about what happened after, when Jesus walked on the earth appearing to many people. There have been some people that give up something for forty days that draws them closer to God In remembrance of what he did. But, what I did is I gave up something that would help me weaken the flesh so that I can be more in tune to the Holy Spirit. It was tough the first couple of days, but now I have been able to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly when I am making decisions or when he is leading me to do something.

I ask that you pray for me through this journey of seeking the Holy Spirit more and the guidance that he has for my life. I also ask that you pray for the rehab that they get through with the construction they are doing there and that we can get back in there to teach them the Bible.

I thank you all for supporting us and praying for us through this journey. The Lord has many things he is doing here on the island of Roatan.

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