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A LOOK BACK AT APRIL (through Messiah's eyes)...

Hey guys, it's Messiah. This month has been really good.

I had a lot of fun in April, and learned a lot. I have a friend here named Ceejay Price and he asked me to help play in a band at an event that was happening that weekend. I immediately said yes, because it was Christian music, but there was also Christian reggae. It was actually pretty fun. We did "Hosanna", "How Great is our God", and "You Are Good" in reggae style. There is a first time for everything, and that time was awesome.

Pictures of the event...

All of y'all know that I lead worship at my church. I know that God is calling me to be a worship pastor because every time I have the chance to worship, I'm always on it. I also like to check in with the worship team to see how they are doing. Paula my co-singer is a reminder every week to always pray. There will be sometimes where I'm getting ready and about to start the sound check, and Paula always says in her down-south Mississippi accent "Wee neeed to pray y'all". I learned a lot from her like not forgetting to pray, and also harmonizing. I cant believe that I only have two months left here, then I'm toing to Texas for college. I will definitely miss leading worship here but I'm excited that I will meet new people, and learn new things about music.

Although we do a lot of ministry work, we also make time to hang out with close friends. We have friends on the east side of the island who we love to hang out with. One time, they came to West End, our side, and we swam. There is one place where you cam swim to an anchored sail boat. When you get there, you cam jump off of a high jump, or just hang out. We obviously did both things. I want to hang out as much as I can with them before I leave. I'm super glad that I have friends like them.

Picture with my friends...

This month, I learned how to wake board. It is a super fun activity, but it really requires a lot of strength. I cant wait to do it again one day.

Picture of me wake boarding...

Along with hanging out with friends, we also went to an animal sanctuary on the east side of the island. Our friend runs this. This sanctuary has dogs, cats, horses, and even chickens. I love going there and petting all the dogs. My favorite dog is Blue. He is a full blue tic hound, and he is so playful. He likes to jump up on you, and loves to nibble on the beads in peoples hair, or ear rings.

Picture of me and Blue...

Good news!!! I am learning the piano now because my friend Ceejay let me borrow his old keyboard. I'm telling you, IT IS HARD! After a while, my hands start to cramp, and I get upset because it gets soooooooooooooo hard. There are times that I get so upset that I feel like banging on the keyboard, though I never do. So please pray that I learn it soon. I can say that I have really learned a lot.

Thank y'all for reading my blog, and come back next month to hear the exciting news that happened May 1st. Remember to tell me how y'all are doing there.

Praise reports

*I have a keyboard

Prayer requests

*That I learn how to play the keyboard

*That I get scholarships for college

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