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A busy fun week!!!

This week has been a really good week and I have spent time with lots of friends. One time we played with new friends for almost six hours. We played soccer, foseball, and video games.

Over the weekend we had an opportunity to watch a scrimmage game for a girls soccer team. I even got to practice with the team!!! And guess girl kicked the ball HARD and it hit me in the wrong place. I went DOWN! After a few minutes, I said no more and just watched the game.

An update on my Spanish classes....I have been learning a lot of new things!! I even had a chance to practice my Spanish with some neighborhood kids I met on Saturday night. I played tons of games in the street with about 15-20 kids who only spoke Spanish (besides one who spoke a little bit of English).

At our language school, we had a birthday for one of my friends, Carlitos, and I got a chance to hit a piñata.

Today, we actually had a really busy day doing homeschool and going to a Bible study tonight.

See y’all next Tuesday!!!

(Me in Spanish class)

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