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9 more days.....

I have been waiting 12 weeks, just about, for this time to come. In 9 more days (next Friday) I will be returning to the doctor for an x-ray and to see if my bone is healed. Praise God, I haven't had any pain...just a little swelling from time to time. I am praying I am good to go and then can start therapy with my friend here. That is how good God is....he knew I was going to break my ankle and he in advance had someone that would be here to help me recover. Some people call it coincidence, I call it diving planning. My friend and physical therapist said it will take about 6-8 weeks of work to regain the muscle strength that I have lost by not using this foot much for 12 weeks. Pray for a quick recovery.

Me writing this blog with an ice pack on my foot. I have just a little swelling from having to walk a lot today in my boot with my crutches.

Language school is going great! I am loving classes and am shocked at how much I can understand. Day by day I am becoming more and more fluent using 5 different verb tense changes (present, command, 2 past tense and present perfect). Pretty soon I will be starting to use past perfect and starting to implement talking about the Celebrate Recovery materials during my class time to prepare for future ministry. We are so blessed to be learning the language in depth at the language school here. The Honduran teachers and missionaries that are running the school are amazing!!! They are so much more than friends...they are family!

Picture of our field trip today for teachers and students...paintball!

Here's a picture of some stuff I'm learning in Spanish class right now...

Thanks for reading my blog. I'll see y'all back next Wednesday!

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